Billionaires Bank

Billionaires Bank

الأربعاء، 26 نوفمبر 2014

stop waiting

take this as a rule of life, imagine your goals, believe it, do or it but don't stay and wait, just do 
something and don't have or do the same routine, eve if you have a problem imagine the thing you want as it happen already, and just let go, only do the things you can, no worry alright, everything will be okay 

money status

to get millions you have to do something you love, something you enjoy to do : sports such as playing football or basketball or cars racing or even running fast, uploading  videos, acting, blogging, writing, web coding, making a smart phones apps,  and small business with unique idea

to make billions you have to be famous, doing something unique, and giving something different, we all have different things or ideas and we all can get in the zone of being a billionaires

to make trillions you have to give the humanity something new or something with passion to reach all the world

show me how to do it

all of us is a different person with different personality, so there is different ways to do it to get your millions..

you can start bloggin, write or publish a new book ( you don't even have to be a writer or logical you can collect stories like " soup for the soul" or even publish something fun or something could caught eye's ), you can upload a video about having fun or travling or doing some fun or fitness workout or even playing some vdeo games on youtube, you can go to sport center if you got a passion like running or football or basketball or any sport activity, you can start a small business even at home , go ahead 

change your system!

I don't mean your smart phone system or your laptop system, but i   mean YOUR MIND SYSTEM
you have to change the way you think about yourself, about money, about life and about people who got it, that what you have to do first.

replace the idea with positive though, change your daily activity, love the thing you want, be happy for other people, stop waiting and do your thing 

get it

get money and get rich, show your new fresh ish, it's a life freedom, be a millionaire and make changes in the universe, ignore what losers say ang be up with the successful people who give the power by there words or act, now go and do your passion, your hoppy, or find one ! 
move it

trust it

you have to give what you love, own, or want the passion and trust !
, fix this before, get your passion up and trust what you want ..

الاثنين، 24 نوفمبر 2014

I Am A Billionaire - Affirmations - Binaural - Law of Attraction - Download Free Meditation

too much money

i got too much money, i can pay the whole world, i can give good vibes to all great souls, i can grow the earth to be on it best.

getting money for me is like the rain drops, every drop is hundred million , papers, i love them, i respect them and they love me back, they feel my vibes like woooooh.

money is power, money is energy, money is papers with some security features .

get the vision, believe, be what you wanna be, go out the space, do what you love to do, and live your dreams.

higher thought

get the shine you deserve, show the hottnss you have, give your best to the one who deserve it & get higher, fly out the space !

, i got all what i want, i deserve it, i believe it and i do for it, i give the vibes. all white gucci style, gold chain, sculpt art work body, PERFECTION

 , NEVER SAY I CAN'T, YOU ARE THE BEST if you got a passion to do it, 
you can do what ever you dream if you believe it, look at the finish line, have you ever see them running by looking back or looking around ? they look straight to the finish line and doing what they can do to reach that line?>

NO  ONE AND NOTHING CAN STOP YOU< YOU SO STRONG ONCE YOU BELIEVE, what ever is happen befor or now just focus on the finish line, your goal is happening, your goal is there already, go for it, you deserve it !