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Billionaires Bank

الاثنين، 1 ديسمبر 2014

internet millionaire

you can do a lot of things on internet but you have to know that internet is powerful and it's a perfect way to get quick money, here some advice to know :

1. Be willing to do what it takes
You might heard of the story of Kevin Rose. He is’s founder. If a person in the short Internet history did more than him to succeed, I would be amazed. How far did he go? He even split up with his girlfriend to found Digg. What about you, are you willing to do what it takes to get your first million?
2. Create something new/unique
Kevin created a thing that was totally new and unseen. You can imagine that if he would have made a search engine or something that existed before, he would have been swept away by the competition. Instead he invented something new in the social media field.
3. Don’t wait, just do it
Ideas are cool and all, but action is what will get you your first million. Stop those silly brainstorming sessions, stop creating business plans. Instead start executing, implementing, doing!
4. Find out what the market wants
If you know or even just predict what the average customer needs you get a straight head-start. Defining your niche’s habits gives you a brief idea of the route you are going to take to achieve financial freedom.
5. You need traffic. A lot of it!
You will “die” on planet Internet if you don’t get visitors. There are so many blogs created these days, so your competition grows every minute. So yeah, focus on getting a lot of traffic and half of the battle will be won.
6. It’s all about the numbers
Money does not care who you are, how you were raised, what your favorite color is, if you got an A in your Maths class, if you got picked last on your soccer team, money does not care. All money cares about is: Numbers.
The numbers I am talking about are even more important than traffic. They are: sales, revenues, profits and customers.

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